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About US

Sprinkler Fire Systems is part of the Sprinkler Engineering Group in Singapore and started operations in June 1976.


The company undertakes the design, supply, installation and maintenance of all types of fire protection systems. With more than 37 years experience in fire engineering, Sprinkler Fire Systems is one of the leading fire protection companies in Singapore.


Our company is well placed to be in the forefront of fire protection engineering, being a specialist firm with highly experienced personnel and specialized equipment to the job. In testimony whereof, our company was audited and awarded ISO 9001 certification.



  1.     Certified to ISO 9001 standard.

  2.     TÜV SÜD PSB registered company to service and maintain fire extinguishers.

  3.     Member of NFPA National Fire Protection Association, USA.

  4.     Certified Biz Safe 3 in managing safety and health hazards in their workplace/ work- site.

  5.     SLOTS- Singapore list of trade subcontractors Fire Protection Works registeed.


Our engineers and technicians have attended specialist training in Fire protection conducted by NFPA (USA) and LPC (UK) in specialised

fields such as sprinkler, fire alarm and special hazard protection systems designs.

Overseas Affiliates:

  1. Brunei- M/s Mozzat sdn.Bhd -Tel; +673 268 0517

  2. Indonesia- M/s Peter S. Petrus -Tel: +62 816 183 3333

  3. Cambodia- M/s Bun Lydavuth - Tel: +855 7766 6991


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